As a graduating senior in PR, I am sad that I did not take Social Media in Public Relations sooner. I recommend this class to all CMJN majors. Social media has become such a vital part of the way we communicate. Not only will this class prepare you for the rest of your college career, it will prepare you for your professional career as well.

What the course offers is practical knowledge and provides opportunities to build the analytical skills necessary to create, evaluate, and execute social media campaigns. Not to mention, Dr. Sisson is an awesome professor. She will go above and beyond for her students.

Here are some of my favorite things about this class:

 Hootsuite Certification

 This was definitely one of the best things about the course. Students get to become Hootsuite Platform Certified. This certification comes with a badge to put on your LinkedIn resume and you are put in the Hootsuite Certification system.

 Social Media Participation

 Before taking this class, my love for Twitter was slowly drifting away. This course rekindled that flame! Every week students were required to tweet and interact with other students about all things social media. Not only did it teach me a ton of interesting things, it was very encouraging hearing feedback from other PR students.

 Social Media Proposal

 Our final group project in the class was to create a social media proposal for Auburn University’s School of Communication and Journalism. I really enjoyed this project because it taught me how important social media is for an organization.

I encourage all CMJN students to take #Sisson3280 next year!

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