How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day

February 14th can be a stressful and disappointing day for plenty of reasons. The main reason it can be stressful is because many people leave their Valentine’s Day plans for the last minute. In public relations the 3-step process is the perfect way to plan a PR campaign. I chose to use this process to show you how to make your Valentine’s Day be anything but disappointing.

Here are my specific steps to follow:


The first step, is to ask your significant other (or potential significant other) to be your valentine ahead of time. I recommend through a card but a sweet text or phone call will do just fine. The next step, is to do some research on your valentine. This includes, their favorite foods or places to eat, favorite chocolate or candy, favorite flowers, or favorite movies. Gather your information from other sources, like a best friend or roommate. Once you have conducted all your research you need to schedule your day. Make sure to have all gifts purchased ahead of time. Make dinner reservations or buy your movie tickets as soon as possible. Set a time to pick up your Valentine, at least 30 minutes prior to your dinner reservation. Parking can be tough, so do not leave late!


The second step, is the fun part, going on the date. Hopefully all your planning paid off and things are going smoothly. You picked up bae on time and dinner was perfect (because it was their favorite restaurant.) Your valentine loved their gift and your heading to the movies now. Since you strategically planned your day in advance, you know the logistics of your budget for the rest of the night. You made sure to bring enough money for drinks and popcorn. The only thing to worry about for the rest of the night is having fun with your valentine.


The final step, is evaluating how well your Valentine’s Day went. You were most likely doing an on-going evaluation all night long. Was the date going smoothly? Was the conversation enjoyable? Did you have good service at dinner? Was the movie funny? Did bae like your gift? It was most likely easy to evaluate these questions during the date. Next, you need to do a summative evaluation of your date. Overall, was your Valentine’s Day successful? Of course it was! Because you followed the planning section of the 3 step public relations process, your Valentine’s Day was perfect.

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