The Hidden Gem of Social Media

VSCO is a new photography app that is, what I consider, the hidden gem of all social media outlets. According to Growing Social Media, “VSCO is a new photo app that has not only swept the nation, but has struck gold with the millennial generation specifically.” Most VSCO users put their link in their Instagram bios to gain more visitors on their photos. This has created more and more attention for the app.

The best part of VSCO is the fact that you can’t see how many followers a person has and you can’t ‘like’ any of the pictures posted. Clever right? VSCO takes away the posting stress that all social media outlets tend to create. It doesn’t matter if people ‘like’ what you are posting. It doesn’t matter if you post 17 pictures in one day. VSCO is what I consider a breath of fresh air in the world of social media.

Another great feature the app has is the filters. VSCO describes itself as not just an online space, but a “community for expression.” This is the way that the app differentiates itself from being just another photo app, VSCO is a community for custom photo masterpieces. You can also purchase different filter packages. VSCO filters have the ability to make your photos look like they were taken by a photographer. Users are also able to write blog posts which makes the social media app unlike any other.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, VSCO gives people a truly worry free place to post whatever they feel like. I personally enjoy and use my VSCO account more than any of my other social media accounts. I hope more and more people discover the wonderful world of VSCO.

Want a VSCO account? Here’s the link:

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